Are College Costs Headed Down?

Are College Costs Headed Down?

bill photoIf you are a parent, a student, a school counselor, or a college admissions officer, you have probably heard and/or read a lot about the concern over rising college costs. It’s no secret that the cost of college has gone up pretty quickly at many institutions. Private colleges have had more than a little history of significant year-to-year tuition increases,but public colleges, until recently, pretty much limited themselves to modest jumps in tuition and fees.

However, when states became stingier than ever about supporting higher education, public colleges had to make up for their lost funding with greater than historic tuition jumps.

But now, the worm may be turning. Several colleges have lowered tuition dramatically in recent years, and the results have been so impressive that other colleges must at least be thinking about following their lead. Learn more about what’s been happening and what it might mean for you here.

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