Best Online Degree, College, and Scholarship Websites

Best Online Degree, College, and Scholarship Websites


We remain committed to providing educators and students of all ages and interests with as much relevant information as possible on traditional colleges, online degree programs, financial aid, scholarships, campus life, careers, and related issues. But, we fully recognize there are lots of other good websites that deal with some of the same subjects.

Here are some we recommend.

We will add more top college and scholarship sites as we discover them.

FREE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP SEARCHES  There is no reason to recommend a bunch of scholarship search sites when this page lists and links to all of them.

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS  Ten scholarships for which undocumented students are eligible.

ONLINE FINANCIAL AID ESTIMATOR  This cool tool will give you an idea of the amount of need based financial aid you can expect to be offered.

FINANCIAL AID FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  This site lists the 1,000 United States colleges and universities which offer the most financial aid to international students and the average amount offered by each.

KHAN ACADEMY  Learn anything…yes anything…free. This is a wonderful educational resource for everyone.

 TOUR COLLEGES WITHOUT LEAVING HOME  Nothing can take the place of an actual campus visit, but here is a great way to learn a lot about colleges without leaving home.

60 CAMPUS VISIT QUESTIONS  There is no better way to learn about a college or university than by visiting and asking good questions. On this site you’ll find 60 of them.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH  International students looking for so-called outside scholarships…those offered by organizations, not colleges…might want to start their searches here.

FAFSA ONLINE  It makes more sense, for lots of reasons, to apply for financial aid online. Here’s where you do it.

GRADUATE SCHOOL INFORMATION This site makes it pretty easy to quickly review graduate schools.

NATIONAL COLLEGE FAIRS  College fairs offer students a good chance to learn about a lot of colleges and universities in a relatively short time. And, in some instances, the fairs are specialized (fine arts, sciences, etc.). Check out the upcoming fairs in your area.

STUDY ABROAD  Well- organized information about overseas college study options.

THE COLLEGE BOARD  A wealth of information on SAT exams and related subjects.

ACT  Everything you might want to know about the American College Test can be found here. Really, everything.

FREE GRE PRACTICE TESTS  Learn about the GRE and take a few practice swings at sample questions. If nothing else, it’s a great way to reduce test anxiety.

GMAT INFORMATION  If an MBA is in your future you’ll probably want to learn all you can on the GMAT and how to attack it.

GUARANTEED SCHOLARSHIPS  Full disclosure…it’s a sister site. But it’s a very good one that lists scholarships offered by colleges and universities to all students meeting the listed criteria.

CHRISTIAN COLLEGES  You can either hop over to our Christian college page at or go to this site for more detailed information about Christian colleges in the United States and Canada.

INTERNSHIPS.COM  If your college can’t help you find the right internship, here’s a good place to start.

COLLEGE AND SCHOLARSHIP NEWS  Want to know about changes, news, and trends in higher education? Would you like tips on college admission, what’s happening on campus, and new scholarship opportunities? Are you interested in online college degree programs? Check this site out daily…it’s worth it.

NCAA RULES AND ANSWERS  If you are being recruited by or hope to play at an NCAA institution, you’ll find most of what you need to know here.

JUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETICS  If you are being recruited by a two-year college or hope to be, check out this information-filled website.

GRAMMARLY  Whether you are a great writer or you struggle with writing, this page offers you a painless way to check and improve your papers.

PLAGIARISM  Learn what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it.