Colorado Springs EWI Gives college scholarships to Local Women

Colorado Springs EWI Gives college scholarships to Local Women

hi I’m Jennifer dirty and I’m ewis Colorado Springs chapter scholarship chair ewi focuses on connections careers and community ewi provides an assist or adult students and scholastic transition scholarship to non-traditional students facing economic social and/or physical challenges in who are seeking to overcome those college scholarships through education this year the Colorado Springs ewi chapter is providing for deserving students in our community with a four thousand dollar scholarship each that’s a total of sixteen thousand dollars for this year alone hi my name is Julian Howland and I’m a mother of three and two years ago my youngest son passed away suddenly and upon that time I was inspired to go back to school and finish

my education and with the scholarship for bwi I was able to do that and focus more on education and counseling than the grieving of my son and in that way it honors both my son and my life and someday I may be able to counsel another parent who lost a loved one or a child and i truly thank aw I for the scholarship my name is Carrie weaker and I am a single mother of five children I have a long journey that has gotten me to where I am few years back almost four years ago I had to pack up my home and leave very suddenly with my five children I ended up in homeless housing for a few years while I had a job and I worked my way up in that job

I worked my way into a management position and I was doing really well i had an associate’s degree it was enough i ended up graduating the homeless housing program i hit was successful to be able to be stabilized with my family and myself and not three months after that happened I found out the associate’s degree was no longer enough and I was losing that job I enrolled myself back in school and I was guaranteed some sort of position and after halfway through my first quarter in school I lost my job altogether the future of actually seeing a bachelor’s degree happen was gone and I didn’t know how I was going to support my children and teach them how to do things and be there for them I got blessed with somebody who told me about the ewi scholarship so I was really excited to get my scholarship packet in and I prayed it every day that something would come through but that scholarship that only was going to help me and touch

my life but it’s also touching the lives of my five children they’re getting a direct result of that scholarship because they’re seeing that no matter what we go through we can overcome it we can overcome it together and we’ve all learned that there’s a community outside in so many different ways and atoms that are there to help I am so grateful for the ewi scholarship it has not only meant the world to me but to my five children and it’s given them a better outlook and now to see that bachelor’s degree is realistic and it’s insight because I will get it with the help of the ewi scholarship hi my name is Darlene Faust and i’d like to share with you the day that i received my scholarship I work full-time and part-time and I was working and driving in Denver and just having a really bad day somebody cut me off and buckets fell over and water went

everywhere and I was running late and I realized that I wasn’t going to make it to school on time so I called my professor and let him know that I wasn’t going to make it that night and I started doubting if I should even be in school I started thinking about how much this was going to cost and what if I don’t get a job when I’m done how am I going to pay all this back and then I got a phone call from Jennifer dougherty and she told me that I had won the scholarship and I just couldn’t believe it I’m going to school to be a Christian counselor and my hope my dream is to help homeless people and people that are addicted I’m raising my five-year-old grandson right

now because my son was addicted to meth and I’m happy to say he’s doing much better now and when I got this phone call I knew I was doing what I needed to be doing and that this was going to take off that burden of trying to pay all of these loans back and I’m doing really good in school and I’m just so thankful to ewi for for choosing me for this scholarship since the Colorado Springs ewi inception 29 years ago we have provided over 40 students in our community a scholarship through our assist scholarship funds over the past three years alone we’ve provided over 47,000 dollars in scholarships the scholarship funds are raised through ewis fundraising efforts through community events if you’re interested in helping support one of these deserving students please go to ww Springs ewi com you