How I Got 80% of London Study Abroad Paid For // college scholarships and Grants

How I Got 80% of London Study Abroad Paid For // college scholarships and Grants

hi so if you clicked on this video you’re probably wondering how I want money to go study abroad I do want to say before I start that I am sitting abroad with the program USAC and I am going to London so there are definitely got a lot less pricier places that you can go to but I knew that if I wanted to study abroad and if I wanted to spend time and money that I had to be somewhere I liked and that was London I think that mentality also knowing that I went to London it’s what kind of made me not want to bother my parents as much as possible and it kind of prompted me to want to apply for scholarships now when I found out that I had only two weeks to apply for scholarships literally we had two weeks I I started working as soon as possible I pretty much used all my spring break to write my scholarship essays and I was on a week-long deadline to my six scholarship essays I even took off work it was brutal but I do want to say that I have one I applied for six college scholarships and I won three of them which cover about 40% of my tuition fees and I’ll talk about the other 40% later so it was a good investment so how did this happen how did

I win tip number one I highly recommend that you guys look at any classes or webinars that your program your study abroad program offers so – any of our program had a webinar on their website that I literally studied day and night because it had everything I could ever need to write a good scholarship I say that this program is that the people looking for so we had examples on winning scholarships and they had examples on losing scholarships and what differentiated the both I made sure that the essays I wrote on lined with the winning scholarships and I made sure the essays I wrote did not align with the losing scholarships you can imagine I’m right go back to the webinar edit go back to the webinar edit again I did this for seven days and

because of this I feel like it really made a difference in the way that my scholarship essay was approached by the committee I also went to the scholarship specialist or the mentor part of my program she kind of overlooks the scholarship stuff and she actually edited all of my papers in front of me and she was really good because she told me exactly what I needed to do to cut out kind of like the unnecessary stuff and to add in the winning material and it was very clear she told me like you had a it’s gonna do that if you want to win you have to add

this and she was just so much that higher than you know someone who’s not familiar with scholarships so go to someone who’s been you know who’s had experiences with these scholarships go to them and ask them like what kind of do to make it more appealing and yeah tip number two is definitely something that I used to do all the time with scholarships and that’s why I would never win them I would write pity stories don’t get me wrong okay you’re Penny’s story are probably very important when it comes to scholarship writing because they document your experiences they document your struggles that’s also important but it’s important not to stop there okay what these people are looking for in the scholarship committee is how your life relates back to scholarship prompt essay as they prompt and

what your experience was what you learned from it how it changed you and how do you apply that back to the prompt or your study of our experience so that’s basically all they’re looking for clear and concise what happened to you how it affected you how you gonna use that I thought what you’ve learned how you gonna plant that in your life more specifically how you gonna apply that gained your study abroad experience so one of the essays that I applied for was a de Bercy essay and I would like to think that I come from a pretty diapers upbringing and I’m American Bangladeshi I am Muslim I went to a Korean high school you know there’s all these experience like hot we’re gonna kind of struggle to identify with just one group I kind of had to mix and mingle and have network and I told them like it was you know difficult at first I’ve learned a lot of socializing this goes with networking skills that I’ll be able to use in London in case I’m feeling alone or if I need to branch out in connections and so

you’ve really got to pinpoint them and tell them like this is what is gonna happen because I’ve learned these lessons this is what I intend on doing be very confident in your intentions with the lessons that you’ve learned and make sure they know so don’t overwrite don’t use big extravagant words okay don’t use words that you yourself have to look up because if you have to look up chances are they’ll probably have to look it up to be creative use words that are interesting um but don’t make it too much make sure that your are writing enough though because if you don’t run enough it might show the committee that you’re not interested enough and that’s never a good thing I had the issue of over writing which is a good issue to have because you can chunk it down more if you write so just start writing write whatever’s in your mind and then later on just keep editing editing is like your best friend editing is the word you should hold on to when you’re writing your scholarship essays um and so yeah I think those are

my three tips in terms of scholarships now to talk about the latter 40% of how I received money I already received grants in high university to be able to study at my university I’m fortunate enough to receive those and so the kind of system my university has set up with you sack is that any money that I would have used towards tuition fees or I would have received for tuition fee for that semester I could use it abroad so if you have something like this going on you dream the forward Pell grants or any kind of grants I do receive two grams then use that money to study abroad you will not regret it and you have such a great advantage and such a great opportunity to be able to use that abroad and again there are so many destinations on the list that could actually just fit right in the price the budget of what you’re paying anyways so you might not have to pay anything at all so yeah that’s how I received only 80 percent of my tuition fees

if you guys have any questions please comment them down below I’ll try to answer them and this is so weird I’ve never done this before but please subscribe if you guys want to see more study abroad content I’ll be making more videos from now until I go to London which is in September and once I’m in London I will be vlogging my whole study abroad experience there and super excited for that so yeah I hope you guys found this informational if you guys did please give a like and yeah thanks for watching