Social Engagement – Rhodes college scholarships Admissions Playlist

Social Engagement – Rhodes college scholarships Admissions Playlist

so how was yours oh my gosh mine was ridiculous he’s like prestigious high schools in DC and we were just like feeding us appetizers wasn’t doing all this crazy stuff it was the most Awkward experience ever hi I’m wood and I’m camera and we’re gonna talk about the social engagement events I actually didn’t know anything about the college scholarships engagement thing like I was shortlisted I went to Jordan for the interviews and then they sent us an email telling us that you have this dinner and that’s it so

I don’t really know what to expect the social engagement was just the reception and a meal where you got the opportunity to meet some of the panelists some of the former Rhodes Scholars and a lot of the different applicants that were involved and

it happens before the interview and you just get a chance to talk to everybody and like a relaxed social setting you don’t have to impress you don’t have to perform you’ve already impressed them while your CV and that’s why you were shortlisted some people prepare young people don’t I remember I had so many interesting conversations on the politics of the Middle East and the refugee crisis I got there I was sweaty and ridiculous and

I didn’t want to talk to anybody essentially just going taking appetizers and trying to not make a fool out of myself and in front of all of these important people right but it was it like as the the night went on and I started to enjoy the experience it ended up being really cool yeah and it’s like it’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences right so just go be your best do your best but be yourself yeah that’s what I would say yeah you