What do successful MBA college scholarships applications consist of?

What do successful MBA college scholarships applications consist of?

she hi how are you my name is Jason and ski a cage a mighty I’m a music producer / singer-songwriter artists stationed out of brooklyn new york new york city when i first heard about the townhouse creative initiative about a possible icon scholarship I immediately jumped at the opportunity I’ve always wanted to possibly learn from a professional school such as icon collective now I learn I live by a code basically as saying that you can never learn enough you can live or not have enough knowledge and there’s always more to experience more to enrich your life and so I one thing I always wanted to do was to get to that level of professionalism college scholarships to get to that level where i can say hey you know I know what I’m doing I know how to produce great music at the top level and so that’s what I hope to get from icon collective one of the things that

I kind of maybe say have an issue of I feel like maybe I can get from icon is to how to translate music better when it comes to mixing and mastering sometimes I sometimes make something really great but doesn’t always sound the best to let’s say itunes headphones speaker phones from other locations and that’s something that I would love to actually learn to the professional teaching at icon and one thing off the bat i would say about myself is my artistic vision and how i actually present music right now in my life is uh it’s kind of like a weird cross between EDM and rock and roll and i do a lot of christian music i do a lot of alternative just straight-up dance music and i like to combine all those different flavors into into something very unique and so but of course i just want to learn more to actually make that even better to enhance it and one thing a little bit myself is that I grew up in New York City I was a you know young boy

my father kind of taught me how to classically play the piano with guitar and now however going up I would lay into music but I only kind of produce as a hobby like I went to a bank working full-time for ten years making really good money however I was forced out of my position and I had the decision to make whether to go into another bank making good money or to pursue my dream music and and and I through the support of wonderful people in my life close relationships I was you know supported to go to pursue my dreams so I invested into the studio all the hardware the software applications and now I’m here twenty-four-seven doing this and I’ve learned much from YouTube ask video reading manuals how to become

a better producer how to know all this stuff and I’ve gotten really good but I know I can get better and I want to pursue this dream right I want to become better and I wish that icon collect will select me so that I can truly get to that other level and that’s what I would bring forward to other people there at icon maybe other people that can learn from my life experience so thank you again and I really hope you guys consider me and select me