College-bound athletes sign college scholarships letters of intent

College-bound athletes sign college scholarships letters of intent

alright i would like to welcome all of you to the first national letter recommending day the 2016-17 school year we have three fantastic Athens up here we have Kevin Bowe who will be going to boise state your kids wrestling career college scholarships Jesse leave who is going to her saloon to continue her volleyball career and Madison cruzado we going to update to continue her volleyball fair Oh right now we are going to turn it over mystery Anna he’s going to ask you guys a question I’m going to the University of Notre Dame for a volleyball scholarship okay and you have a major

I intended made major in international business okay and tell me did you ever think that you know play how long have you played volleyball since I was 10 yeah did you think of when you were 10 years old that it was going to be your way to go to college I was going to pay for college attend no I just love the game but I mean a lot of hard work dedication you know you see the results and you just hope for the best playing the sport so and why did you pick Notre Dame Notre Dame is an incredible school both athletically and academically and the family aspect of Notre Dame really captured my attention and also the coach is incredible so

I I just be surrounded by amazing people and that’s where I want to spend the next four use my life Madison I’ve had the opportunity to coach madison just one year she was a transfer to elyria hi her senior year she’s a very smart player she sees the court really well she has brought a lot of Defense intensity to the program and I’m really excited to see what she’s going to do for the University of Notre Dame I’m going to ursuline college to play volleyball and to major in nursing and I decided to go there because their coach and the players are really good people that I want to surround myself around and also it’s really close to Cleveland go cavs um it’s a small campus but it feels really homey they have a nice pond in the middle of the campus and they have really good labs for nursing and I and they also have a good program where you can shadow nurses in local Cleveland hospitals which will really help to get a job in the future Jessie

I had an opportunity to coach Jessie for the past two years she was a transfer to Illyria high school I heard you more year she’s been a phenomenal athlete to coach and she has such great court awareness and leadership skills and she brings so much to the team both offensively and defensively I’m very excited for her and the opportunity that she has to play at ursuline college and couldn’t be more proud of her yeah they’ve both been varsity players since their freshman year they are just incredibly smart when it comes to the game and being able to read the game read the other team and they both have very talented gifts I definitely am able to see college potential with both of them so this is not a surprise that other that colleges have recognized it as well um Boise was they first visit I took and is very impressionable when I went down there between this delay the land and how the college was set up and just went to the rest of these colleges and taking a look and some of them are great but just boys you kind of rank supreme in that yeah and now how did the GG choose more for the wrestling program or for the actor um

it was kind of just a balance of the rest on academic and then also the college life the best feel with that and always he had the place to me the best balance for all three I got to meet all three coaches the head coach coach Mendoza and the two assistants Levi and Riley they’re all very nice coaches they’re new to the Boise’s program but they’re not new to wrestling very nice very friendly and they’ve brought together a divided team there’s a gold medalist stats for greco down like 45 minutes down the road that he does a couple camps out of there and that kind of thing his I mean his up his talent level is through the roof especially I’ve been considering he’s still growing anything he he was out and he was rehabbing his knee he actually his weight got up over 300 pounds and so he this is one of the one of the unique heavyweights it actually has to cut some weight so that wasn’t a whole lot of fun for Kevin but but he did a great job with it and and his commitment dedication I think they’re gonna pull him to for this year