college scholarships Dinner 2017

college scholarships Dinner 2017

[Music] my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma when I was eight years old my dad’s doing very well now he’s in remission and healthy but I think for a number of years there was a very large financial stress on my family one of  college scholarships my major priorities during medical school has been to advocate for a culture of well-being for medical trainees so medical students and

residents this became personal for me actually during my second year of medical school when my best friend growing up about two months into his residency ended up committing suicide by jumping out the 24th floor of his building there were just a number of years of very early experiences with medicine and with people in the field of medicine and I just knew for a very long time that I wanted to be part of that field and be able to give back this scholarship certainly helped both myself and my family feel like this was a more doable option very excited to see

who’s been helping support this whole four year project to medical school for me so for my entire time at the U med school I’ve been the beneficiary of scholarship monies I’m very interested in finding out more about my donor or just hearing their story it really says a lot about the medical field about the alumni of BU and about frankly our society that we really value making possible higher education for any student that shows academic promise and is willing to work really hard I hope to be in your shoes down the road when I’m in your position and pay

it forward to the next generation so thank you your generosity and support helped make the gift of medical education possible for students like me thank you I’m thankful very grateful for the support I’ve gotten from our trips that be you I would just want them to know how much I appreciate this and how much it will impact me not just right now as a student but going forward and as a physician in the future and being able to make choices about my career that don’t have to be weighted down in a lot of financial decisions so thank you