Disney The Owl House Theme Song & college scholarships

Disney The Owl House Theme Song & college scholarships

hello everybody welcome to deluxe collectibles and today I’m going to be doing a reaction video to the brand new towel house theme song premiere actually and that I’m going to be reacting to the teaser now the teaser came out about a month ago so I’m late on that but I actually never wound up watching it so I figured now that they’ve released the college scholarships theme song which just came out about an hour ago I thought I’d do that and then react to the teaser I didn’t want to put the teaser in its own video because I feel like it’s kind of more irrelevant now considering that came out I’m over a month ago but since I can kind of pair these two together I felt that that would be a good match here I’m super excited to learn more about this show I’m sure

I might learn a little bit from the theme song but it’ll probably be the teaser that tells me more but we’re going to start with the theme song since it’s the more relevant one at this time but I’m really excited about this it was revealed on at comic-con and I just I hope it’s really getting catchy I’ve heard a lot of people comparing this show to gravity falls like from what they’ve seen so I’m really excited about that because I absolutely love that cartoon and let’s just get started here so I’m going to begin in 3 2 1 [Music] [Music] [Music] huh I love the logo there man that actually looks really really cool man that is awesome geez I really like the designs of the characters there that was a really kind of catchy theme song similar to gravity falls no actual lyrics but I like that when it’s just instrumental I think that’s really cool yeah I really love it now we’re gonna watch

the teaser here just so I can get a little bit more context to maybe what the story is surrounding and then we’ll kind of do a quick discussion about it so let’s get started with the teaser here you gotta watch an ad ahead of this but yeah that looked really good I’m very excited about this show um let’s see here I’m gonna get this started in three two Oh No don’t want to start again once again No okay here we go okay okay let’s get serious three two one okay we got to talk through this more okay it seems like there won’t be any dialogue anyway well that’s cool I love the design she looks really well on I love cute – there’s what seem to be her friends probably it’s like a very like mystical type shell surrounding that not like set in like the real world kind of like her gravity falls is kind of meant to be in a more grounded world seems like more fantasy based world which I really like all that is awesome then wow that’s cool it looks like it’s gonna be very energetic and like an exciting show it’s really you oh that’s cool can

I look like a school Arius maybe she ought to go to school who knows a lady huh that’s cool yeah house when owls will play into this that looked really good man I’m really excited for this show I think that’s going to be hopefully really good I’m probably gonna try to do reactions for the actual episodes when they start to premiere because I’m really interested in watching this and I feel like it’s probably a show that really kind of fits my channel since I do reactions to like cartoons so this looks really well done I’m very excited about it and yeah just let me know your thoughts overall on the owl house I know I was a little bit late on the teaser but let me let me know your thoughts in general about the show and the theme song specifically as well but yeah I hope you all enjoyed this reaction video be sure to let me know what else you want to see it featured on the channel I will see you all next time and always remember keep on collecting you