How to quickly make college scholarships of Appreciation using MS Publisher and Templates

How to quickly make college scholarships of Appreciation using MS Publisher and Templates

all right thanks so much for joining so today I’m going to show you how you can very easily create the certificate of appreciation using Microsoft Publisher and templates I do have a YouTube channel which has multiple different videos everything from creating traditional certificate of appreciation another certificate of achievement award but I also have a video called searching for installing fonts and using symbols

if you do not know how to download and install new fonts please watch this video also I do monitor chat lines if you have any suggestions or recommendations for new videos please share them I do monitor those and please subscribe to my channel and/or like any of all my videos I would be so appreciative alright so we’re gonna be able to create this pretty quickly and pretty easily first thing we’re gonna want to do is go to file new blank document we want this to be landscape view okay next thing we want to do is we’re gonna go up to page design and we’re gonna click on change templates okay from here we don’t want to look at the Flyers what we want to do is

we want to go into award certificates but there are multiple different types of templates that you can use everything from science to gift cards but let’s take a look at these certificates these are all templates that are predefined and created and you can use any of these but what I actually used was this one right here and I’ll show you how you can basically make some changes first of all you can change sort of the color scheme if you like which is kind of nice the other thing you can do is change sort of the font scheme as well I’m going to be changing some fonts on the side because I did download and install the certificate font I think that kind of looks pretty good college scholarships

so we’ll leave the default fonts but we’ll change those on our own and then if you have any business information that you want to preload in there you can do that as well and we want to apply a template to current okay and there we go from here we can go and move this star over if we wanted to and I also made this a little bit smaller I just liked it a little bit smaller next thing I did was I clicked on the certificate of appreciation and I actually used certificate fonts and I made that a forty eight point font okay then you can select this text box and kind of use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it down if you wanted to make that you can actually use as they’ll give you guides in terms of where how everything is going to line up and then I actually made this bigger and I made this a twenty point font

I thought it looked better bigger and that’s just right Takada and what I want to do is actually highlight this and I changed this font to Jenna sue and again if you don’t know how to download and install new fonts watch that video so you might not have some of these fonts but again you can change them and anything that you want and then we’ve changed the recognition of valuable contributions to we change that too Colibri light and we made that a fourteen point form and then I got rid of the business name and I got rid of the organization and what I did was I just went to insert picture and let’s get a desktop and let’s go to video and let’s go to trifles and let’s insert our Eastgate PTA logo let’s go ahead and move this down there we go and we can kind of move that over where you want now if you don’t like

this star right let’s say you wanted to make this soccer you can always go to Google and you can let’s say you want to use different star we can just type in star click on images and this one’s okay let’s take a look at view more down here cuz we don’t want exactly this one but one kind of like that and let’s say we like this one right here okay you can always right-click and do a save picture as and then we could save it as the yellow stars and certificate and then we can go back to our publisher and we can click here and we can insert picture and then we can go to our and we want to find our certificate – and we can go ahead and answer – yellow stars and we can obviously make this bigger or smaller so again if you wanted it with a soccer ball there or football whatever you want to do it’s totally customizable I actually kind of liked this one so we’re gonna go ahead and leave that and then finally if we wanted to go ahead and add that border we can go to inserts borders and accents and use a whole bunch of borders and accents you can do so if you like something like this you can do that um oops I did not want to do that I wanted to go dude inserts borders and accents and I just wanted to add this very simple outline and

we can move this up till you see that sort of hit both edges there and again this is why I’m starting to like to use Microsoft Publisher a little more than word to do printables there are definitely some limitations but for things like this I am tending to like it a little bit more and we can Club and format and we want to go to shape outline then we want to make this a three point font and then we want to go down to weight and we want to go to more lines and we want to do a compound line and we want to do thick then alright something else that I really like with publisher is you can always been a shape outline and you can use the sample line color so if I want this blue and I want the exact blue you can just click on that color something you can’t do in Word which is kind of nice that being said I do actually like this yellow as the outline but that’s how you can very easily make the certificate of appreciation using a publisher with a couple customizations but making it very quickly by using some of those predefined templates I hope you found this useful if you did please like me on it please like this video and or subscribe to my channel thanks so much