Live Mas college scholarships Video 2017 (Winner)

Live Mas college scholarships Video 2017 (Winner)

hi my name is nach concen and my passion is creating poetry and photography and sharing it online so I started sharing my poetry online about three years ago when I was going into my sophomore year of high school because I had a crush on a girl who was moving away and I never got to tell her how I felt so this was one way pretty quickly college scholarships my audience started droning and I started gaining a lot of support from a lot of people online that I never knew existed pretty quickly

I started to realize the effect on my words had on other people around the globe who were just just saw the same platform that I was and it was pretty crazy because I started getting comments from other people saying how my work had affected them how much it resonated with their thoughts and emotions and I quickly noticed that I started to build a community that was just like me and my words had strung them together in the past three years I have self published two books one two years ago and most recently this month writing poetry for

the past three years has definitely been my biggest outlet I honestly don’t know how I could see myself surviving the perils of high school without a poetry anytime that I am down any time and my heart has been broken any time that I’ve been stressed out I always turn into poetry no matter what the issue is it sort of calms my nerves and time in my life for every little thing that we do seems to be life impacting and writing poetry has definitely been

that outsourced for my stress in the close future I will be attending the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill pursuing a media and journalism degree in the future I don’t necessarily desire for people to remember my words by any means but I would like to have the opportunity to play a role in how my work has affected them in a positive way through creating photography and poetry has definitely changed my life for the better and it is definitely made me live moss