Porsche International Cup college scholarships

Porsche International Cup college scholarships

you’re prepared you’re going out there with the sole focus of doing the best job you can put that helmet on when I put the visor down really is to calm atmosphere the level of racing is really high the drivers that are racing in the Porsche are really good drivers to get this chance it’s very hard heart rate is increasing the heat is increasing inside the car this is the top level Porsche Cup racing prospect of going and traveling to Europe and rice is sort of the mecca really I want to do to do my best you just have to bring your a-game or you know you won’t really college scholarships have a chance here we are here at Valencia in Spain for the 2015 Porsche scholarship in

the Super Cup we are stimulating more or less a race weekend with free practice qualifying and the race we’ve selected nine candidates from the International Porsche Carrera Cup worldwide the other you know eight guys here at this shootout tests are very good you know looking at their backgrounds they all have a lot of experience I think everybody deserve to be here so the level is must be really high they’re looking at everything who can talk to the mechanics talk to the engineering handle the core and of course my times on the track I’m not only the fastest lap is counting but you know an average lap so you see how consistently quick a driver can be all these sectors sample the winner will receive a funding of twenty thousand euros he also receives obviously a comprehensive education and coaching program they are really part of the Porsche family

I think everyone here is a real competitor and it’s only going to get tougher and I think that’s the way that everyone would want it and that’s the most important thing it’s really close and everyone’s you know within a few tenths of each other I have a good understanding on how to make the tyre last forward race for confident today’s crunch time everyone’s going to be going all-out for the quickest lap time in qualifying as well as the race run I want to drive air mp1 it’s a go the ladder is really good the first national championship than the Super Cup hopefully it can lead to a GTA Factory drive I think the pyramid the Porsche made is really interesting there’s a lot of talent out there which is good for us because it shows you know we run this with

the championship worldwide we can really see that the level of these national championships is very very high get to be quick on the track I think you’d be professional in somebody that Porsche Motorsport and can use as a representative of the brand two amazing days I learned a lot from the beginning to now and I will improve session by session I think over the weekend I brought my best and yeah we’ll see how we go from here it can be the best moment in my career because you’re close to a to a Porsche the factory and that means I think more than a win in the race is something special I’m ready to move to Super Cup I need this to get there