the college scholarships interview

the college scholarships interview

oh hi good morning come on in I’m ready to meet you have a seat oh oh oh my god it’s right is that normal yeah happens all the time okay please state your name and let us know what you deserve sunshine I’m right in 27 and I have been in the Army for college scholarships the last seven years I learned a lot from my experiences ghost writer wrote it for me I just told him my story in the Army they break you and then they make you and with that experience I followed through to the end as you can see I am missing my right hand and that is because

I followed through to the end in an army war game that I participated in originally they told us the game would be fixed that no harm would happen to any of us but with my situation I resulted with a missing hand for life my sergeant was Sergeant Johnson our nickname for him was big Johnson he was the one that awarded me this medal for bravery and of course I learned a lot from them too I am eligible for veterans assistance but there are poems in the family I have to support a large group of children the other people do deserve the scholarships but I think I deserve it the most because I follow through the to the end with every endeavor that I take through college oh hell already move beyond that door an interview Diane and it’s gonna take me a while I need to go to college right here for the panel right shoulder ship yeah that’s what

I’m here for work with you oh god I’ve just been spending all day on the farm sorry just got here so that’s a good part yeah what’s your name and some of them about yourself oh sure sir my name is Carla I’m 17 years old just got engaged actually I’m very happy with him a lot of people say we’re not gonna work because I mean I go with him at night – um like the grain hauling stuff but really like honestly I really want to go to school I like my family’s poor and I really want to go into a job as a social worker and a lot of people don’t think that I’m not smart but the thing is that I got a 3.8 average in my high school and I think that’s pretty darn good and I think that I’m really qualified I’m gonna do my best I know I will I’m not just a stereotypical girl you know just out there doing her own thing I am dedicated and all these other people I know there’s a lot of people who’s saying I’m smarter and I deserve this but I do too you know and like I said

I had really good grades I am determined and one of the people in my town say oh that girl she’s just gonna go run off and get married and stuff and like I will later but if you give me the scholarship I am going to be focused on my work and like I do on the farm and I do all the work it’s gonna be up here – so I think that I’m I’m good enough for this Thanks good morning come on even have a excuse me you here for the panel interview for the scholarship right is it as my psychiatrist session no sir no oh so then please have a seat what is this this is for the scholarship okay thank you for coming please state your name and tell us why you think you deserve this scholarship I mean and I my mom is the widow she only works as a part-time nurse and can’t afford to pay my university she want me to be a doctor but I’m not sure yet I just want to go to school to further my education I think that’s I deserve this scholarship so before they can have emotional problems wait emotional problems but I don’t think I do good morning come on in have a seat welcome to

the panel interview for the scholarship please state your name and tell us why you think you deserve this scholarship 26 years old I’m a full-time employee right now for a fashion organization I have a 7 year old son and I really believe I’m completely qualified overqualified for the scholarship ah where did I put this diaper honey we left your father five years ago heat it over it yeah we’re worried I’m a hard-working mother my baby daddy does not help with anything whatsoever financial support and it’s an extremely need for these services in order to get my education going I would like to be a professor out of Community College for an English class something to do with language arts would be fine high school level as well I might have a 3.8 GPA oh and by the way in conclusion I was a beauty and this is why she is meaning so sorry I’m 13 but this is why I really need the money thank you good morning come on in have a seat and welcome to the panel interview for the scholarship yeah you work out oh yeah my legs are messed up so you know

I work out of my arms right now okay please tell us your name and why you think you deserve this scholarship my name is Sam I’m 19 years old and I really do believe I deserve this scholarship for many reasons but I just wanted to know one thing where I thought um I had scholarships before his football scholarships and I was going for the pros man you see this bar in your man honey bunches of oats Naga if I would have made a dollar the pros my face would’ve been right here all the funky cereal right now now this honey bunches of oats man good anyways back to the scholarship like I said my legs are injured and that I do really believe I deserve this scholarship you know I know a football was the only reason I was probably getting in but uh now that I you know was thinking I was gonna go to college for these football scholarships I’m really thinking I can do it I’m really determined up let me tell you I really want to be a football coach I really want to be there for those kids let them know you know that they can do it and I really do believe that

I could be a good football coach and I could be a good role models of these kids you know obviously I’m not gonna be playing right now cuz I’m pretty injured but I’m real determined and I think I could be real good in college and I think that I would be a good asset to this school and I think that you guys should pick me for being the one you get the scholarship to I have a really good family support my dad can uh pitching’s some money towards the scholarship but I think that you guys picking me for the scholarship would be your best bet and I get real good grades and I am determined like I said so what I’m gonna push through it you see you guys shouldn’t have taken a sip just got engaged actually right there the thing is hey Carla how long are you gonna be on that damn right over you little piglet come please change my diaper honey not now your father I had scholarships before and I it was it was football scholarships and I was going for the pros man see this box right here oh my god what is that my hand my broken we kill for the betterment man come even if we killed innocent bunnies