U.S.- CAEF college scholarships program (AUCA/KIMEP)

U.S.- CAEF college scholarships program (AUCA/KIMEP)

Steve Shaye and Peggy grieve and I who were three of the trustees said you know we ought to create an educational foundation so we had to get approval from the State Department to do that and we wrote a proposal the State Department submitted it to the Secretary of State and ultimately it was approved so we hired American councils

they helped us select the students every year they conduct the interviews and they make recommendations to the board and we discuss them amongst ourselves and with American councils and that’s how we find young men and women who offer the program – and we picked the two schools because a you CA and team F both taught the substantial portion of their business courses in English my name is Yelena college scholarships worthy and I’m the yes gave graduated 2014 from AC I’m originally from Kazakhstan that I decided to kill two AC because they provide a very extensive opportunities for international

students opportunities like exchange program like studying abroad different conferences and different opportunities to study with professors from the National Bank the Minister of Finance which is very helpful to students from Business and Economics yes can’t gave me a loss it’s not also it provided me with the feeling of the family the feeling that there are people who are genuinely interested in me who will help me in any way they can but they also provided me a very extensive educational background currently and also a president of the USDF Alumni Association and right now we are working on the ways to engage our current fellows some students who are just interested in the program and just considering to take a part of this program with our current alum name my name is Anthony Becker and I’m graduating students of American University of

Central Asia sponsored by us care program I’m from a lovely City horse Kyrgyzstan and I want to say that it has been one of the wonderful four years in my life I have met different people different teachers met it has been a great four years if you have a chance to study in Asia especially sponsored by us care just take it after the four years and I believe that I can give some suggestions to a new ACA students or continuing ACA students first is to take all advantages to participate in every activity that you HEA offers you a very important recommendation is to go for an exchange exchange is the best thing that you could ever do this is a different thing

if you study in Asia and if you go somewhere else believe me it will completely change your world for example when I was second year I was selected for the study in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga I went there and I came a completely different person my objectives have changed completely my name is Anissa I am from Tajikistan

I started the American University of Central Asia and Economics Department also a musical fellow 2013 we’re like about year sky after it’s not just about getting scholarship it’s about atmosphere of a family of a big community where everyone support each other and takes about the chatter so be part of our family join us you