Bryan K. Zollner Memorial college scholarships presentation

Bryan K. Zollner Memorial college scholarships presentation

at this time I’d like to introduce mr. Bob Filner is a retired the timesheet from the city of Bordeaux will be recording the Brian cage Mulder memorial scholarship I have a prepared speech but included deviating from the fermion first I like to thank Joyce McPherson when we started this endeavor I call her for some guidance and she led us in the right direction college scholarships and I hope you enjoy your retirement second before i got here tonight I didn’t know what’s on the agenda and things have a way of working out I’m going to tell you a little bit about our son here in a minute but I didn’t know who the guest speaker was going to be and george morris and

my son these gentlemen spent 19 weeks together in the daytime my son and George were roommates for 16 weeks at the post Academy and I hope this is fitting but my son had a knack for taking the edge off of things and I understand that every night for 16 weeks when they went to the Academy just about bedtime something happened George George he will say what Ryan would you read me a story that’s the personality that our son hand now I’ll get into my speech oh one other thing I would also like to thank John from the foundation who has worked with us and so you will know the scholarship that I’m going to tell you about has been established will be a five-hundred-dollar scholarship for every Academy Brian zone the family of

friends of bryce owner and the Butte College Foundation have established in endowment scholarship accountant to benefit students with a serious interest in the Butte College Fire Academy the scholarship has been established as a lasting memorial to the memory of Brian’s own son brother husband father friend in firefighter Brian was born in oroville california on august seven 1962 he graduated from law school high school or built in nineteen eighty Brian embarked on his career in 1980 as a paid call firefighter in the view unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection CDF now call Cal Fire while attending view community college during prides 26-year career he worked for orgo fire department in Yuba City Fire Department and CDM he worked his way up through the ranks held the position the following positions they’d call firefighter seasonal firefighter limited term firefighter to limited term fire apparatus engineer permit of firefighter to fire apparatus engineer fire captain

Battalion Chief Deputy Chief Assistant Chief and staff chief brian is a sworn peace officer graduated number one in his class and was about of post class number 44 he held the following positions on fire management teams operation section chief playoff section chief and incident commandment in 1998 where i received the state of California Bowl Medal of Valor for an off-duty rescue of a child from Aberdeen structured Riverside California other awards and honors included cAL FIRE director supervisor of accomplishment award california governor’s clarity award firehouse magazine medal of valor he was a site area fire cAL FIRE basic fire control class number 98 and I just listened to fewer would be here all night in addition to brians firefighting career he was a devoted son brother husband and father he loved hunting wild waterfowl hiking and fishing and still participated in a row fastpitch League Brian was a third-generation firefighter

his son is following in his footsteps Brian died in the line of duty August twelfth 2007 at the age of 44 that Brian’s memorial service the director cAL FIRE alluded to Brian as a rising star of the fire service who is married and respected by all who work with him and for him and his in his name way that established the scholarship and and it’s my pleasure to award the first Brian kazar scholarship to mark virtue Johnny I also like to call it very funny i would like to present this plaque to the Fire Academy to be put up in the Fire Academy classroom says the Bryan Hayes honor Memorial Scholarship view College Fire Academy recipients and it has mark merchandising 48 Academy 2008 there’s enough practice on here to get us by the first 13 and a half years when this gets full let me know we’ll get another number and this plaque number one is going to be in the classroom and remembrance of riot and number two for future cadets to look at and say I want my name you