Special bond with mom helps Holmen student win college scholarships

Special bond with mom helps Holmen student win college scholarships

each year hundreds of high school seniors from our area are awarded scholarships that help ease the financial burden as they head off to college but for a Holman student winning a scholarship recently wasn’t so much about the money but more about a special bond she shares with her mom come here eighteen-year-old Anna jagged in ski and her mom  college scholarships Anita have a relationship most would admire and she just developed me into a young woman helped me become Who I am Tommy’s help others put others before myself when your kids are growing up and you never know if

they’re really watching you you always hear your kids watch you and they’ll model what you do and I’ve always thought that in my head I’ve always hoped that so you try to be a good person but some of the greatest qualities anna has taken from her mom haven’t come without struggle it was the morning of the school board elections in April of 99 and I got up and part of my left side of my lip and chin up to my ear we’re kind of Numb I just woke up in an all-night and she had passed out minutes like Oh call 911 a few months later Anita got some life-changing news doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis and often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system it was a shock that it was a relief to know what

the symptoms were from and to know that it wasn’t something that’ll kill me but Anita decided quickly she wasn’t going to let ms take over her life no matter what you deal with in life and I could have had a lot worse illnesses than MS and I’m not making light of it because it’s not a picnic at all and people don’t see it and I don’t say anything so they think it’s fine all the time it could be way worse it could always be worse so you have to think positively in outlook anna has surely taken notice of she’s pretty tough she doesn’t let it get to her it’s not the illness not to find so she is for sure so when it came time to write an essay for a scholarship application through the Wisconsin chapter of the National MS Society the words came pretty easily to Anna your perseverance through multiple sclerosis has graced me with responsibility selfishness empathy encourage not only have you got any responsibility mom that you have given me his annual feeling of being selfless watching you reputedly give to others even when you were feeling fatigued from ms his name

he wants me the type of person you are too in May Anna found out she was one of about 32 students throughout the state to receive the scholarship she accepted it at a luncheon in Madison or her to win it it says a lot about her character because she had to get some letters from teachers and her guidance counselor and she had to have good grades it’s always cool to get noticed for stuff that especially for something that’s taught me so much that was the most gratifying part about it I truly believe that is because of your bravery positive attitude and altruistic character that your multiple sclerosis remains on the most helpful cases you doctor has seen you always make sure that ms is the illness you have not who you are I also truly believe that you your struggle with them s has shaped my disposition for the better in countless ways which

I am eternally grateful for finally I know I do not tell you nearly enough but with everything in me I love you mom yeah and Anna plans on attending the University of wisconsin-madison in the fall and the scholarship she received was for one thousand dollars and interestingly enough her sister received the same scholarship a few years ago but a different committee was reviewing the applications very interesting and good luck to her too