college scholarships

college scholarships

hello everyone welcome to freshman advantage today with two giant milestones for our camp today we start a channel and Facebook page and also we have a first question from a student college scholarships on the student’s name is Emma stunner and she goes to my school prairie ridge high school Chris leg Illinois and cheese a sophomore she asked when should I start applying force colleges and where do I find great question Emma here is the things about scholarships is that

they are all different and they have different requirements and some are worth like a thousand dollars so worth five thousand dollars and so on there’s one great thing about scholarships is that they all are different and they are just for being great in school or being graded the sport but there’s some bridges being like tall or being able to play the ukulele or even just being able to shape balloons and a little dogs doesn’t know but matter um essentially something require you to be a senior or you can be in college to apply them for so my opinion is you start applying for scalp to do second semester as a junior so that you can learn

the legal aid land and try and figure out how you like apply and you don’t do all that stuff but then also on as far as where you can go to find them you can go to online sources such as inch calm or scholarship calm or fast web com the links we posted in the description but most compasses are very competitive so don’t be down about yourself or be sad if you didn’t get one because there’s so many out there and then the important thing is they try to get them that that’s a really good thing because you actually learn more the more scallops as you do so if you can just take like one day out of the week every month or

so and apply for as many scholars as you can for as long as you really can sit the computer being a robot typing blah blah blah blah I’m so amazing um you have a really good chance of getting at least one of those scotch and as you know every dollar counts for college so go out there and apply for those things thanks a lot guys