CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Student college scholarships Stories

CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Student college scholarships Stories

my experience in the College of Health and Human Sciences has been shaped by the generous gifts from faculty alumni and friends from classes and experiential learning to my favorite spaces to study and connect with fellow students I feel the impact of meaningful private gifts so the scholarships have definitely benefited me greatly I received a few and undergrad as well as grad school and it really allowed me to focus on school so much

more that I didn’t have to have a second outside job or really love me to fill mine with dreams here at adult fitness that I could put more time and effort into the programs that I really cared about I was really honored college scholarships because it makes me feel reassured that I’m doing the right thing and that’s something people believe in you know I have a lot of people in that corner that I’d like rooting for me so it makes me want to strive to be even better and just be successful I definitely feel honored to be a recipient I know the hard work that so many other individuals have put in to go through school and I feel I’ve put that work ethic in as well and it’s just really nice to be rewarded at the end of the day it’s really just like the best feeling when you get selected for a scholarship because it makes a few things easier for you so

I just wanna say thank you and thank you for believing in people like me definitely being a recipient these scholarships makes me want to donate to the scholarships in the future for sure that individuals put so much time and effort to build these programs up and to allow students to receive them it was certainly one of the joys of my graduate as well as undergrad career that I’d like to be able to make that happen for someone else in

the future having those people realized back when they’re in school how tough it may have been and just want to prevent that for the next generation by giving money or giving that support you know I think that’s a really big thing like when I become a alumni this next year hopefully I want to become a donor eventually when I get enough funds and like start my own scholarship just so I can and I can get more students to come to CSU and interested and increase that retention rate I think that would be the ultimate goal to kind of pay it forward give what I’ve been given like many college students I’m financing my own education for me this means applying for scholarships working two jobs and

taking out loans to cover the difference this year I was honored to receive the students first scholarship from the College of Health and Human Sciences the many donors to the scholarship inspired my commitment to success through my hard work and CSU education I truly believe I can accomplish my career goals on behalf of the students I’d like to thank all of the donors who have supported the College of Health and Human Sciences this year each gift makes a difference and has the potential to change a life you