How to Add Color Background to college scholarships

How to Add Color Background to college scholarships

[Music] what’s up guys Andy here with another episode of tap lab starting this one out on Instagram today I’m going to show you how to put that background behind your text for Instagram stories so the first thing that we need to do is snap a photo or a video using this button right here or you can swipe up and select a photo from your camera roll so

I’m going to go ahead and do that I’ll just pick one here when you select one from your camera it’ll automatically put this date on here if you don’t want that just drag it into the trash and then from college scholarships here we can tap on the photo or we can hit the text in the top right to type and then you can type out whatever you want I’ll just type out skateboarding and then I can hit done and at this point we can move this wherever there’s also these lines now that are nice that you can like snap it to the center and then what

we want to do is tap on the text you could do this at the previous part before you moved it too but there’s this a on the top of the screen and you can tap that this mode will give you a solid background you can tap it again to get a transparent background and you can keep tapping this to cycle through these also another quick tip if you’re on this screen and you have your text like this you can actually swipe your finger on the screen so if you swipe left it’ll left-aligned it you swipe right that’ll center line it swipe right again that’ll write a line up you can keep swiping on the screen to sort of get this where you want I’m just gonna keep it center line and then you can also pick a colored background here just select a color from this wheel you could select purple

you can also get like a transparent purple or you could hit the color picker in the bottom left and then pick a color from the photo see if we can get like an orange here there’s a little bit of orange you could get a transparent or the solid background and then hit done and then you’re good to go also point out that you can type something again get the background and get a different color than their previous color so you could have multiple colors there and sort of do whatever you want with that I’m gonna go ahead and close this out and there you have how to get a background behind your text in Instagram stories and how to change that color to be

whatever you want you can also swipe on the screen when you have the text highlighted to left align that center line and write a line I hope you guys found this video helpful be sure to drop a comment down below if you have any questions and I’ll try and answer them thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe for daily social media videos just like this one also check out some my other social media and subscribe my other youtube channel link it all down in the description I’ll see you guys next time [Music]