hello my name is Juan Lugo and welcome to the MHS tech committee screencast on how to pace pre-existing rubrics into our orange slice world maker so the first thing we want to do is create a new document go to new go down a google docs create a Google Doc now we’re going to do is we’re going to click on Adams as in the previous video add up any application that further enhances the Google Doc workflow click on orange slice then click on college scholarships score rubric click on score rubric and I will see a window pane open up here just like a regular rubric all we’re gonna do we’re gonna make it create it with descending order ABC and we’re gonna do our performance levels going to be the traditional approach we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to choose got this one a blank row go to all the way to the bottom and click create rubric so

now you see that we have a blank rubric we’re gonna go back to our drive and find the rule that we want I want to use this copying writing rubrics alternate open it up I’m gonna choose this box and just drag down and hide a little brick press ctrl C copy return back to our document paste it right in the box ctrl D and then voila we have it done so everything has been posted in our rubric then I go down to score rubric in the windowpane and then we’re done so now we just copied it into the assignment and now we’re gonna set our point values I’m gonna make it a hundred points and we wanna pick passing level a 2d we’re gonna make it 65% anything below 65% is failing right the performance levels are going to be descending and we’re gonna include it even if they fail

I’m gonna come down here to finish click finished and now it’s set so then we’re gonna close it and now you’re gonna see that when I open it to score the rubric it will automatically pick up on these categories so we’re gonna go to add-ons of your orange slice and score it so here we have our first category and we have all the levels there’s a second category all the levels so you see that orange slice automatically picks up on all your rubric categories and allows you to grade them and we also have our great adjustments for extra credit late penalties and plagiarize so now we’ve copied it in and you see how it works let’s attach a question to it and then attach that to Google classroom so we’re gonna go back to our folder and we’re going to look at this template that I have are you attached scroll down I’m going to copy this question see go back to the undocumented one and paste the question it under name it means case study writing

this name we’re good you want to name it on the top that’s fine I’ll just copy this press control V and now we have a writing prompt highlighted so we have this assignment now now with this assignment you’re able to give this assignment and assign it to your kids with the rubric already attached to it so they could follow it as they write so what you do now is we’re gonna go to Google classroom we’re gonna choose we’re gonna choose a class so let’s do it attach it create an assignment call it uh Daffy’s my uniform assignment due date then I’m just gonna go to my drive and search for Japanese here it is double-click it and it’s gonna add it I’m gonna choose it students make a copy for each I’m gonna click assign and now Oh some mistakes I just edit and now our students when they open this assignment will get their own copy with the rubric already

attached so they have something to follow along while they read and write with the question on the bottom it opens up automatically our scoring box this will only happen for the teacher since we’re the only ones that will have the orange slice teacher rubric installed as an add-on in our Google Docs extension now let’s recap in order to make a scoring rubric from a pre-existing rubric in your drive all we need to do is open up the teacher rubric create a rubric make sure that we’re gonna create our own and make a blank row then paste in our pre-existing rubric into the box and then when we open it up we’ll see all these scoring options already placed in our rubric this is one logo on behalf of team beard and the MHS tech committee wishing you a wonderful day please give it a thumbs up and watch part 1 of this video in order to better understand