SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Summer college scholarships 5

SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Summer college scholarships 5

Jr you better be awake oh no we’re not doing this again get up what you’re not faking sick today you’re actually going to school so get up I know I’m going to school dad just give me a minute oh shit baby’s already in the car waiting on you oh well don’t have time to eat breakfast no you’re gonna starve the day mister I’m so sick you’re almost late okay can you take me by McDonald’s to get something to eat take you to any restaurant you’re almost late we’ll put of that do you not understand oh I’m gonna be starving would starve mmm boolie college scholarships we have a test today maybe I’m getting a little movies mmm I just jam you didn’t tell me there was a chest today Joe did you know there’s a test today hey is that your sister oh yeah man she’s so like Brooklyn

you know oh well she’s pretty Hey oh sweet cheeks oh yeah you’re so sexy yeah thanks I don’t get that a lot oh you’re really really pretty I guess so yeah but that your sister toad okay alright class today we have something big alright class today you have a big big bi d big test today it’s so big I don’t think you can even finish yet it’s a whole four questions I don’t think you can finish it it’s so big is it really big it’s very big is it method is to normal it’s called surat huge you can help me do gross okay any more question about a big test yeah I have a question oh crap beautiful day it’s a faint rattle noise and and I know it’s not junior because hit miss cupcake day so so who comes on the test day but doesn’t show up a cupcake day so I know he’s not here I know you and beat you huh it is me teacher it’s me jr. ah Julia that is you you didn’t know you fell you missed cupcake day so you fail absolutely any way that I could not fail hmm is there a way for you not to fail the class hmm well you could mom I run no have my keys all you can make my wife a family dinner oh

my god you have to get 100 on this big test for you to not fail the whole class okay 108 that means all four persons have to be right oh damn it there’s another way you could pass the calls you have to kill the fry if you kill fry you get it for the whole class okay so who wants the pass out the test today mmm you mean me and you I’m still ready anybody else anybody else in the whole class how about you know you’re doing me but I don’t have the arms right you have no arms so let’s see you honey clear okapi L test all come here now tell me of the zero – cut me off come on so Sarah complete the test what you doing you know uno dos tres cuatro Nueve Ocho one two three four do it give give me give me give me give me oh damn do that I’m doing this I’m gonna fail and if I fail my mom’s they kill me dude oh I’ll get out of this somehow Oh teacher teacher

I can’t use the bathroom I gotta piss dude yes for hurry oh thank you how am I supposed to take this I don’t have any arms [Music] hey Polina I’m gonna need you to use you Brooklyn street smarts okay cuz I really need to pass this test oh yeah sure whatever oh I should have been up all night playing xbox geez bring him to me oh man I have to pass this test who means anyone can cheat up up all right does everyone have a test yes good okay it looks like everyone has a test even the ground has a test because so Sarah had the Frog on the rack so y’all have five minutes to do the test and when you done turn them in up here on the desk okay your Python I’m the best at what I do sweets hey toad hey catch you have your test Paulina complete you have the test their golf will make it history here kid hey Joseph got you love your test dude I don’t even know these answers um i’ma see if I can find them online or something okay oh man I really need help on this chest oh I don’t know the answers to this test oh I guess I might have to use Google hmm one plus one one plus one plus two plus three plus two plus three plus four plus five I’m not cheating or anything nothing like that so why did you have your phone um see see my mom she was sending me pigs I think I was no bigs that was supposed to go to my dad happening well I’ll take your phone until the immigrant please come on Joe just got his phone ticket oh so he can’t help me with the test either oh man I need someone to help me on this chest oh hey just yeah yeah hey still yeah okay can I cheat off your test please really need help on his chest oh okay who else oh it’s good cheat off of uh oh I know me again hey Cody oh it’s not for testing no cheating no okay I’m sorry Cody I don’t want to see the principal he’s so mean mr. Steinbeck yes I got sent to your office um I got caught cheating on a test what are you doing I’m calling you back I love watching Charlie in the morning oh

I don’t have to deal with jr. or chef he pees just me and Charlie ha ha ha Charlie and Friends is filmed in front of a live audience hello this is principal Steinbeck calling about your son Junior you’re calling about son what’d he do this time we caught your son trying to cheat on an exam today Oh Oh i’ma beat his ass well wait a minute sir I’m gonna need you to come to the school so we could talk about juniors disciplinary action I gotta leave the house oh I’ll get shot pb2 bring me Oh baby what did my dad say oh he said he wanted to be dressed but I have something else planned I’m sorry oh hello principal Steinbeck thank you for coming into school so we can talk about disciplinary and gotcha you’re welcome I guess

I was watching Charlie but what kind of disciplinary actions do you have for my son Oh his up to me well we stabbed him Oh how come you gave him the thousand community service days because he is a total lunatic forever oh I have the perfect idea oh dude I need to do something stop this test oh yeah dude yeah teach you where do we put my kids why is your on the table oh okay oh no need to panic I’m the Brooklyn firefighter and I’m here to help what are your people do it in here is a few fires I mean like not immediately but like goddamn it’s around you know get out of the corner what are you doing come out let’s go wake up jackass it’s fine here what are you doing oh girl no come on I’m Boston area please pop down crash calm down no I got you’ve never been outside before Oh the fireman coming calm down everybody just calm down all right some some ace hole pull the file um so now everybody just go home for today all right there beautiful okay can I go home – yes you told every time just go my wife I’m all right I almost died today in Ohio yeah not really but [Music]