Queen Mary: Meet our PhD students college scholarships

Queen Mary: Meet our PhD students college scholarships

[Music] hi my name’s Curtis um just come to the end of my PhD at Queen Mary I’m studying PhD in biology in more detail what I study is the effects of climate change on body size in cold blooded animals I’m based in the school of biological chemical sciences in Mile End and I’m funded by the Natural Environment Research Council my name is Leah I’m originally from London and I’m in the final year of my PhD I’m studying in school of biological and chemical sciences and I’m funded solely through Emory University and specifically my research college scholarships looks at the effects of climate change on food webs hi I’m sue T and I’m originally from China so my research topic is about the evolution and functions of neuro peptides in starfish so I’m funded by Chinese scholarship Council – hey V I’ve just finished my PhD and a successfully defended my thesis my thesis was on the geographies of color and how it’s used in urban culture

I’m in the school of geography and based on the geography department and my office is based in the Francis Bancroft building I’m funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council hi my name is Chris batad I’m in my fourth year my PhD and I’m funded by the past trustee board so I am studying epigenetics and its role in helping regulate early development I study here at the lizard Institute which is on the Whitechapel campus at the School of Medicine and Dentistry my name is Gabriel I’m originally from Crystal in the southwest of England I’m in my second year of study of a3 a PhD funded by the University of London by Queen Mary my subject is environmental science but specifically we’re trying to apply metrics have been developed for studying brains and roads and other types of networks to see whether or not we can understand more about specific types of river systems my name is Alison mcnaught I’m originally from character and

I still live there and I’m in the second year of part-time study for my PhD I’m with the Department of English and drama which is based here at my Island and my subject is dissenting women booksellers in 18th century London hi I’m Erin I am originally from Sri Lanka I completed my PhD at the School of Law I did my research on how to regulate online privacy in the context of online behavioral advertising my name is it true and I’m from China I am in my second year of my PhD and I’m sponsored by the shimmer scholarship I’m studying in the school as we say as the school of biological and chemical science and basically in the Mayan campus hi

I’m Esther a third year PhD student at creamer University I’m funded by the Society for experimental biology and my research focuses on the nervous system of starfish my name is Allie al Zahrani I’m from Saudi Arabia holdin a scholarship from Saudi Arabia government to study maybe Gd here at women investigating lost ceramics for Intel applications we mainly work with glasses for toothpaste and plastics hi I’m Nana I’m originally from Morocco and I am doing my PhD as a self-funded students basically I’m investigating the area of immunology and Dentistry I am working in Institutes of Dentistry which is based in Whitechapel compass my name is Amy I’m in the third year of my PhD here I’m originally from Bob chef and I’m studying how diet during pregnancy affects the genetics of the offspring and I’m funded by the Medical Research Council I’m working on the white chocolate conference at the Blizzard stitute and that’s part of the School of Medicine and Dentistry [Music] you