My Story – Gates Millennium college scholarships ’16

My Story – Gates Millennium college scholarships ’16

my name is Malcolm Jacob Rashad and my name’s Millennium scholar I was born in Merced raised in Stockton California without my father felt like a doggy with no collar no owner to be found at the age of three everything spiraled down diagnosed college scholarships with autism communication was a susceptible temptation impossible for me probably just another obstacle perhaps two years later the abuse of a drug that definitely the Undertaker got the best of my mother July 24 2004 the date of woody my brother had been taken I couldn’t believe it I thought they were mistaken hate me I was going on with my life and cried and cried and tried to reconnect recovery improving daily dialect you can detect brokenness found within the voice of

the unspoken but less of a dying breed still I knew I had to do what it took to succeed jumping around from home to home never knowing which place to call my own until I was placed the distant relatives devil on my back just doing this for the hell of it six plus years remain stabilized mainstream reading books and watching TV – the cable nine classified No More grew out of my disability this misconception abstract that he still remained a contraceptive to society much like llama in a volcano I was ready to explode in hone my skills into the next level I was not ready to settle I needed resources an upgrade I had to put my plan into action age fourteen adopted off the foster system like a major it was declared never gave a care about academics or school the uncool to most nowadays became my goal moved to Chowchilla for a better life new friends I remember that day it was nice I remember being told this is your way out this is your ticket you don’t want to blow this opportunity you don’t want to miss it this is only a snippet a percentage of what

you’ll be facing start off strong the process long so I did attended middle school in this new town all the frowns begin to go away away the longer left astray eighth grade year I went all in always being called and no not troubled within the immaculate writing skills I have I’m here my effort doubled the only male to graduate my eighth grade class 4.0 flashback ignites the barely pass my courses and I said Oh I suppose differently I had momentum entering into st. least Matthysse for knowledge never thought that I would be able to attend college and get there retain the passion for computer since the age of 10 coding websites of being paid in my PayPal account back then always had a camera in hand and once helped my church raise 73 grand to fly to Guatemala helps film and edit a student’s international video this just wasn’t for credit doing what I love outside the third world practice my contribution showing humans that they were not just recipients of a daily distribution refusing to stop here I knew that the end was not near just happened to be that I did quite a bit in high school numerous amount of sports trying to find

my interest like plugins with new ports football basketball and track clubs like CSF Lincoln Decathlon four years back to back once a state broke history for Chow high a part of the second best 4×4 relay team in our schools history for Chow high student of the month twice for Chow high scholastic athlete all four years graduated in my class top five but more importantly became the first and last Gates Millennium scholar for Chow high full ride scholarship to the College of my choice I was able to now fly I remember receiving the call I told my Nana that envelope was small throw it away and don’t tell me at all my phone rang that day it was her again grandmother called said that a huge package came in I couldn’t believe it I couldn’t even fathom I’m pretty sure had a spat got home open it and saw huge congratulations that day there had been a huge graduation or fears validated all the blood sweat tears nearly straight A’s all four years it appeared to be a failure of myself is what I was trying to prevent honored humbled to be a part of that 1.8 percent the 1000 out of the 53 a new level of confidence became instilled in

me more models resources and as someone who did happen was taught to be wise it provides never once told me lies I’m grandma the bottom yourself dependency a willingness to help they wanted to save you from the shelf often makes me take a look at myself the one who says Malcolm you better check yourself allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Malcolm Jacob Rashad and I’m attending the University of California Santa Barbara my past doesn’t define me