VLOG // 3 days in college scholarships (XULA)

VLOG // 3 days in college scholarships (XULA)

all right good morning guys today is gonna start what I hope will be a successful attempt at weekly vlogs this is a long time coming I feel like I’ve been wanting to do it for so long I started watching other youtubers do it it’s just something that I really want for myself I’m not entirely sure that I will have the time to edit that I will need but and college scholarships I hope that it works out I hope that you guys like it I’m gonna do Friday Saturday Sunday right now it’s Friday at about 8:30 a.m. I have a bio exam I’m at 10 o’clock in a sociology exam at 1:00 I only have two classes today here

we go 50 degrees outside yesterday was 80 so I really don’t have an explanation for that but now we’re about to go get food Mundi got errands ID and I’m gonna study sociology yes I’m gonna put it on you anyway so just come over here so we can be in the light I’m embarrassed even those tutoring okay we’re going to chick-fil-a I’m on my lunch break with my boyfriend’s I do this literally so happy all right guys now we’re going to Walgreens I don’t know why I’m really excited about Walgreens but I actually love like drug stores and pharmacies and stuff because I don’t even I’ve to go to like Target yeah they like the same types of excitement but anyway let’s go [Music] I can’t even I can’t even bring that boy I almost hit me oh my insert the video I don’t know but

I just might let me find it [Music] [Music] to get ready for tonight I guess we’re just gonna see how my luck goes hopefully [Music] I’m talking about we’re out of superior seafood [Applause] [Music] good morning guys today Saturday I woke up a little while ago shower got my life together for a little while now I have to get my room together then we’re going to the library with Mark for a little while maybe I’ll see you in library Oh guys so quick change of plans I’m actually gonna go with him to Starbucks then we’re gonna study so anyway I guess I’ll see you on the way there that’s robux I don’t know here we go hey guys I got Starbucks oh this is Mark he’s driving

one so you can’t look at you Karim oh my god oh wait she’s pumped hazelnut is three shots of espresso it said to all that I ordered sometimes they get it I use it am I gonna die soon I get it as a venti then in the summer sometimes I get sies but this is my like trademark drink I feel like and now we’re going to the library for approximately three to four hours depending the law how lost our brains Jim but currently we’re in Louisiana traffic and it’s gross so have a channel what’d you get I got chips in case oh I apologize for the angle but I don’t want everyone to watch this happen and he got quesadilla we’re at Felipe’s favorite Mexican place here and now we’re walking out so you can kind of see it it’s super cute how much just like twice all right see you guys she messed it up so now we’re gonna have two parts I’m catching the Sun guys this is the chapel it’s a view and this is the pharmacy building but we’re not pretty farm so we never go in there okay so very productive time that we spent he’s over my blog is really but now we got that library closes at 6:00 and it is very close 6:00 we’re gonna go now back to my room and keep studying because we don’t have plans to super super late yeah we’re just gonna study and try to get ahead for the rest of the day I came over she’s not up for the blog but we’re studying this is Mark on Twitter I don’t know if you guys knew this but I’m a professional basketball player Shaq actually gets lessons from me in the gym and you know I Teeter I shoot around a little bit but anyway we decided to

we decided to do his best for ourselves chill chill so anyway I’ll see you tomorrow so this morning I’m going to church with a lien Xavier has like these shuttles that go to different I think just Baptist churches my mama’s bath days so I’m used to going there and then after that I don’t know what I’m gonna do probably studying Mayo something like that I’ll see you on our way [Music] Black History Month I’m going to literally die so God is demanding on a bus and it actually turns out to be the blue bus that we were saying that we weren’t gonna get on now we’re going to City Church and we met this lady and she’s really nice and it said non-denominational Church which I love for me because I’m not an operational hopefully we love it every think of to have it it needs to be [Music] [Applause] in Jesus name of the claret in Jesus name hallelujah hallelujah to understand how to pursue that first relationship but if you understand anything about the kingdom the kingdom is about my relationship with God but then also my relationship with others

a lot of people’s problems or challenges in life it’s not that they don’t believe God [Music] right now whether you see eating dinner and then we’re gonna go to the library so I may or may not know I haven’t done anything except study today taking that I did this video a little bit I cannot edit this week this is the end of the road the end of my first weekly vlog I really hope that you guys loved it currently studying with Allie and actually about to start uploading this vlog that you’re watching right now like I’m gonna do it within the next hour so you guys are gonna be watching it like almost in real time which is exciting I’ll see you guys hopefully really soon this week is gonna be crazy so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do another one so soon but I will definitely try I love you guys thank you for watching told me to like and subscribe bye