XUSOM Alumni – Ruth Osondu college scholarships

XUSOM Alumni – Ruth Osondu college scholarships

taken from ecology with dr. Dubey and he is pretty much the most amazing like teacher I’ve ever had because I’m in my clinical rotations and I still remember like the things dr. debate talk and I’m not even trying to like patronized him like he is literally the nicest sweetest man I’ve ever met and I would never forget that especially being a transfer student you made an impact living in a ruler and studying medicine

it was good because it was an island that was peaceful you know but at the same time you had that opportunity to just be by yourself college scholarships and do what you came there to do and then leave you know there was but there was the added like plus of having to go and run on the beach which I love running very much and I did that several times and that was just amazing exhibit did an amazing job because just living on the island and being independent of your family and everybody else that prepared you to just be a grown-up and living in

the real world so that photo that one part was amazing and then studying medicine and enjoying your professors teach you the art of medicine was just amazing so combining all of that you did it has prepared me very well to be able to go out into the world and practice medicine and competes with other American graduate as a doctor just being a student and meeting all the Xavier students in your clock ship was the best thing that ever happens to me because then we can come together and become friends we have bombed lifelong friendships that will last us a long time and I’m doing my clinical Claude ship I remember doing this one of ob-gyn with this amazing doctor and she taught me a lot I walked out of my ob/gyn rotation feeling prepared if

I ever wanted to go into being an OBGYN I felt prepared after leaving that mutation and that’s because she made us do presentations and remember so who of course to study and learn and talk about life the different diseases that affect women and thereby having a lasting knowledge in my head about what it means to be a doctor period well my experience what Activia has been just phenomenal I cannot tell you how great the school has been to me and I want to thank the faculty the staff the everybody that has made my experience with the school amazing there was some road bumps in the way but it was phenomenal in general